Bald guy and a bird

I rework paintings, a lot sometimes, and I have as many going at once as I can manage. 

They get finished eventually, each in its turn, after a long winnowing process -- or when my desire to keep fiddling evaporates. 

This one is on an interesting surface: nice old plywood from what had been a doll's cradle I rescued (with permission) from a neighbor's burn pile. Note the critters on the back. On the other side, I slashed out a quick head-and-shoulders, and there it stood -- the scribbly one below. Later I decided to obscure the scribble in bright red, add a window, make the bird yellow, and soften the guy's features a bit.

Birdy. Acrylic and ballpoint -- some oil pastel on the bird and scarf. And water-based poly, matte finish, as well as decoupage medium, matte. It measures 11x22.5ins.