Another part of that cradle. "3sisters," mixed. Irregular shape (so the "artroom" samples below look a bit off), 16x22.25ins.

I spend a lot of time on my phone looking at images from different cultures and time periods. And I feel a deep affinity for medieval art and artifacts. Like a lot of people, I enjoy the spiritedness of the margin drawings in books from that period -- none of which I've ever seen in real life, but I've certainly examined them. This kind of blends with another interest of mine: defaced textbooks. When I was little I liked to look at my brothers' and sisters' textbooks. I liked the pictures in history books especially. I remember in particular a sketch of a dead roundhead half buried in sand. (Was there a battle on dunes? No idea.) Often though, the illustrations would have been vandalized, drawn over, and lampooned. The image of Bismarck that resonates with me most convincingly is as a drag queen rendered in blue ballpoint ink. So some nameless artist out there did a really good job.