I made this board(!)

This painting -- Dragon, 25.25x30ins (irregular), acrylic, oil pastel, house paint, ballpoint pen,  pencil, and pieces of broken plastic -- is on four horizontal boards I glued, taped, wired, and epoxied together to form one big board.

Rough inspiration (more or less, and in no particular order): St. George, Kandinsky, and Murnau.

Murnau, the village south of Munich, not the 1920s film director. I think St. George, the dragon slayer, is its patron saint. The region also has a monster myth involving a creature that used to inhabit a local lake. And Kandinsky used to live in Murnau (with the painter Garbriele Munter), where he painted stuff like this...

...and later this...

...on his way to stuff like this.

So maybe my pic is a Kandinsky-inspired rendering of St. George slaying a dragon in Murnau, maybe it's not. Maybe it's a kid in his pajamas using his imagination. I don't know. I'm a lot less interested in symbolism than the vibrancy of this red.