Visited D'Alessio Gallery in Bar Harbor (and so should you)

I hadn't been in Bar Harbor since before Covid, so it was nice to pay an overdue visit to my old friends Russ and Linda D'Alessio at their gallery on the Village Green yesterday. They were kind and fun as usual -- and generous enough to display some of my paintings in their space for a few photographs, including this one above. That rabbit is too cool.

Russ' work is magnificent: bright, cheerful, optimistic, varied, and deeply compelling. Linda, the gallery manager, knows her business through and through. With their permission, here're some of my favorites of theirs. If you get to Bar Harbor this summer, stop by and see what I'm talking about -- the reproductions here don't do them justice. Oh, and check out Russ' three-panel circus masterpiece (if it hasn't been sold).