This one goes back. I sketched a proto version of this one in the mid-eighties, and then put it away and lost track of it, which didn't strike me as much of a loss. Decades later, a friend into whose possession the sketch had fallen sent me a photo of it, and now it struck me as a decent start for something.  

The slogan started as a joke. In my haste and carelessness, I'd made the central figure's body too wide -- wide enough, it occurred to me, for a written message. But what message? Well, how about something really stupid? So I decided to warn of the dangers of communism, though I don't actually worry about communism -- I just thought it was mildly amusing to imagine putting out such blatant and manipulative propaganda.

Here's that old picture. Is that an ear on the side there, that big thing? No idea.

The new painting stems not from this old sketch, but from a 2022 rework, with the slogan tweaked for maximum stupidity. I call it "Propaga," 17.5 x 30.5 x .75 insm house paint, oil pastel, graphite, tinfoil.